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JORD Watch | Sponsored post

My most complimented accessory is this watch. I wear it everyday, and multiple people stop me to ask me where I got it. JORD. It could only be JORD.

Why would you choose JORD over the others? This beautiful wood watch is custom-fitted, comfortable, and stylish. Each watch is handcrafted, which means it’s unique. Like YOU.

I’m obsessed with it. Other people are obsessed with it. You should be obsessed with it. This one is the Fieldcrest Zebrawood & Maple, but there are a ton of choices.

Want to win one? Of course you do. Enter HERE for a chance to win one! Someone will win, so it may as well be you. Contest ends 10/30/16.

Unique Watch

Friday Favorite | The Littlest Pog

The Littlest Pog is now my favorite shop on Etsy. I can’t tell you how much I am obsessed with these tees. I need them in every size for the rest of the boys’ lives. That’s how amazing they are.

Randi is this amazing woman who works at a children’s advocacy center as a forensic interviewer, but comes home to two boys and a hubby, and needs a space to create and decompress:

“Enter The Littlest Pog. What started as just a little side hobby of creating has become so much more than that to me. It truly is my escape from the scary stuff that I hear about every day. It’s a chance for me to surround myself and others with something light and bright and cheerful. Because Lord knows we have enough rough stuff in the world.”

The shirts are soft American Apparel tees, so you know they are comfy. And cute. Hello! It’s buffalo check.

Thank you, Randi, for letting my boys model your tees and for letting me brag on you! Follow The Littlest Pog on Instagram & Facebook for deals & giveaways!

Mama Swag Monday | Tink+Key

Welcome to another edition of Mama Swag Monday! Today’s post is a fun one because I am featuring such an amazing woman & company, Tink & Key. Tink & Key features faith-based tees, specifically, their incredibly popular Miracle Baby baseball tee. Stephanie has a heart for bringing encouragement to others through the sayings or words on her littles’ tee shirts. When I first learned of Tink & Key, I saw a photo with a sweet story about a miracle baby. I happen to have two miracle babies, so I shared my story with Stephanie & here we are!

If you read my personal blog, you know the long story of my twin pregnancy, so sit tight. If you’re new, this is the story story of my miracle twinkies.



After five miscarriages, my husband & I were going to try one last time. My heart & emotions were raw. I learned that I was the problem & needed a dose of Clomid in order to even hope to get & stay pregnant. It worked, and in late September 2013, I learned I was pregnant. Just two weeks later, I laid in the ultrasound room, swearing loudly, when the technician showed me TWO babies.

At 15 weeks pregnant, I was put on moderate bed rest given all the risks associated with a multiples pregnancy. I spent the next 12 weeks relying on my husband & his parents to do everything I couldn’t do: dishes, laundry, cooking, taking care of our daughter, shopping. Until you are restricted to only being allowed to use the restroom & shower, you have no idea how much you do in a day just to keep up with daily chores.

At 27 weeks, I went in for another routine ultrasound, only to find that my cervix was funneling (opening from the inside out) & I was in preterm labor. I was sent immediately to St. Luke’s hospital in Denver in hopes that taking medication & being confined to a hospital bed would keep my boys cooking for AT LEAST 4 more weeks. It worked. I was sent back home just shy of 34 weeks.

A week later, at a another routine appointment, I was in labor. It was go-time. Jax was first, and was bright-eyed & ready to come on out. My little Jett was next. He wasn’t breathing. We found out later that Jett had his cord wrapped around his ankles & wrists, & was squeezing it, cutting off blood flow to his tiny body. The boys stayed in the NICU for just 3 weeks, learning to eat & adjust to life outside the womb. They are perfect, sweet & so snuggly!





Enter Tink & Key. Stephanie’s Miracle Baby tee can be seen all over Instagram & Facebook, being worn by miracle babies. If you have a miracle baby, go get this shirt! Share your miracle with us! Stephanie, thank you for sharing your heart, your encouraging tees, & featuring some of the sweetest little miracle stories.boulder-family-photography-tink-and-key

Go follow Tink & Key on Instagram, Facebook, & Etsy for quality, darling tees for your mama swag & your bebe swag!