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Touch-Up Tuesday

Here is my Christmas edition of Touch-Up Tuesday! This is one of my favorite images to capture every single year. I love the awe & wonder if my girl sitting in front of the tree.


This year, however, as magical as this photo appears, it was much less touchy-feely than I had anticipated. The first few shots were of Maddie laying on the floor, dramatically whining about sitting down for a photo. I, finally, get her to sit up & look at the tree, & she looks at me, rolls her eyes & says, “But I’m tired of looking at the tree!” In typical motherly fashion, I snap back with, “I don’t care! Just look at the damn tree so I can get a picture!” The beauty of photography is that you can create a moment that appears to be magical, sweet & serene. My poor photographer children will forever have to deal with a camera being shoved in their face & me telling them to pretend they’re happy.

For those who wondered, this image was shot at f/2.8, 1/40 sec, ISO 20,000. The ISO was so high because I had the Tamron lens on the camera. I love the wide shot, so I chose a lens with a high f/stop. Worth it. Love this photo.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Touch-Up Tuesday | Brittany

Meet Brittany…well, Brittany’s bump, really. This second-time mama is a friend & fellow photographer. Shooting with this girl is never serious, always loud, and we’re usually snorting laughing. When I first posted images of this maternity session, I had about 10 people text me, asking where in the world this incredible sweater came from. Ross. I looked. No luck.

Brittany’s bump is this week’s Touch-Up Tuesday. Top image is SOOC (straight out of camera) at f/1.8, 1/800 sec, & ISO 100. The bottom image is just a few signature tweaks to make the picture pop.

Happy Tuesday!


Touch-Up Tuesday | Riley

This is my darling, little niece, Riley. She was one of our little models for our Mama’s Gonna Snap Workshop a couple of weeks ago. This one of my favorites images I happened to snap during our practice time. And how cute is this darling baseball tee from Pow Wow Prints?? The top image is straight out of the camera at f/2.8, 1/400 sec & ISO 250. The bottom image is simply adding my signature matte look using Sarah-Beth Photography’s incredible actions. Voila!

Happy Tuesday, friends!