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Friday Phone Dump

It’s Friday, so it’s time to phone dump. It’s been really cold here this week, like -20, so the boys have been bundled up in fuzzy bear snowsuits and fuzzy winter hats. We have been confined to the house a lot, but we are managing to have fun. When in doubt, head to Ross & take pictures of your 4-year-old standing next to a creepy Santa whose hand broke off. Instant fun!


Our new Tink & Key raglan, polar bear Jax, me & brown bear, Jett, date night with hubby where we wound up with food poisoning, Jax, creepy, deformed Santa, Dada & brown bear, and Maddie & Riley on Riley’s birthday. Love these crazy people!

Happy Friday!

My 2014 Favorites

2014 was the most chaotic, emotional year of my adult life. I have so many favorites from this year, but I forced myself to narrow it down to just a few.


My sister coming to meet my boys, the last nice day in January before the torrential snow storms, my 30th birthday, checking into the hospital for bed rest with my bestie, maternity photo the day before I went into labor, the skinniest little twins I’ve ever seen, my hubby reading to all of our kids, the cutest picture of my little Jett, the boys reppin’ Tink & Key, my in-laws & Maddie, our first Christmas photo as a family of 5, and the ever-famous Christmas tree + a sassy 4-year-old photo. I had many, many more favorites, but these were the ones that jumped out at me immediately. It’s been an amazing year, and I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for our family. Thank you for being a part of the journey!

Happy New Year!


10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kiddos

If you need stocking stuffer ideas for your littles, Mama Swag Monday has got you covered! There are many more amazing stores coming, but I want to post all of them here for you if you are in need of some gifts for the kids for Christmas. All of these shops have amazing people behind them & a fantastic product. I wouldn’t steer you wrong! There are only a few more days left to get your online orders in before Christmas, and these shops have AMAZING products. Some of our favorite clothing items are coming from Mama-owned online boutiques. Being a small business owner, I love getting behind other Mamas who are living out their dreams while juggling mommyhood. It feels like we all have each other’s backs. And let’s face it, the big chains can’t hold a candle to some of these darling tees and leggings. So, in no particular order, here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for the littles in your life:

1. Pow Wow Printsfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
2. Young Buckfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
3. Alexandra Rose Handmadefort-collins-family-photographer-mama-swag-monday-maddie-b-photography
4. Guguberrybrighton-family-photographer-maddie-b-photography
5. Tink & Keyfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
6. AIMBabyfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
7. The Printed Palettefort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
8. MaddandBugfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
9. Riley Clay Designsfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
10. Stellar Sevenfort-collins-family-photography-maddie-b-photography