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Mama Swag Monday | Her Tiny Tribe

Today’s Mama Swag Monday is extra special because I get to share my mother-in-law’s new Etsy shop, Her Tiny Tribe!


Her Tiny Tribe was inspired by some of the cutest kids on the planet: my babies, my niece & my nephew. Some of the tees are direct quotes from the kids, some are inspirational & faith-based, and some are just plain fun!


Here is a little bit about Cyndi & her shop: I am a wife, mom and grammy. I am madly in love with Jesus, my family, and closest friends. These are the people I call my TRIBE! It all started with me and my 2 sons, Matt and Josh. They are, and always have been, my heart, my joy, my inspiration. Over the years our tiny tribe has multiplied, and I am now mom and grammy to many! Each of them have my heart. They are all unique and amazing. They are my joy, and they inspire me every day to be my best. I am blessed. My tribe extends all the way from California to Colorado to Maine. Her tiny tribe is not so tiny anymore!

I love design. I have to be creative; that is just how God made me. My grandchildren are a constant source of ideas for me. There is never a dull moment, and most of those moments are filled with joy and laughter! I love this stage in my life. I am thankful to get the opportunity to be creative and share my faith in God, and love of family at the same time. Thanks for stopping by my store! ~Cyndi

Her Tiny Tribe just launched last weekend with 9 awesome designs! Stay tuned for new designs & new items in the shop in the coming weeks! HTT is offering a 10% discount for MBP readers with the discount code: MBP10. And don’t forget: it’s Monday! Get your Prince Farming shirt for you & your littles. Use the hashtag: #httprincefarming on Instagram for a chance to be featured! Be sure & follow Her Tiny Tribe on Facebook & Instagram to stay up-to-date on new products & designs!


Happy Monday!

5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

With the invention of Pinterest, finding stocking stuffers for the women in your life has gotten a whole lot easier. If this list were for me, all 5 would be Starbucks. I would rather have Starbucks than eat food. True story. I digress. Since getting back into the swing things after taking a year off to have the twinkies, I jumped back in & even took on weekly vendors. This has been so much fun for me! I get the cutest swag for my kids and for myself, and then I get to brag about the cute stuff people make! If you need last minute gifts for stocking stuffer, I have you covered. I love love love my Mama swag and I know you’ll love yours too.

1. Mama’s Gonna Snap Workshop. Ok. This isn’t a stocking stuffer, BUT it’s a great idea for your wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, friends. These workshops are soooo much fun. You learn while having fun. And we give you amazing swag! We are currently enrolling for March & April!


2. Vine & Ever



3. Ezra & Eli



4. Young Living Essential Oils She will thank you when the kids are screaming like banshees & she has these two little bottles to restore quiet.



5. Family photos. If you haven’t read my reasons for having family photos taken every year, READ.IT. It’s important. If YOU set it up, ohmygosh! She will flip. It’s totally worth the time & investment to get this done. And major brownie points if YOU are the one initiating this.


10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kiddos

If you need stocking stuffer ideas for your littles, Mama Swag Monday has got you covered! There are many more amazing stores coming, but I want to post all of them here for you if you are in need of some gifts for the kids for Christmas. All of these shops have amazing people behind them & a fantastic product. I wouldn’t steer you wrong! There are only a few more days left to get your online orders in before Christmas, and these shops have AMAZING products. Some of our favorite clothing items are coming from Mama-owned online boutiques. Being a small business owner, I love getting behind other Mamas who are living out their dreams while juggling mommyhood. It feels like we all have each other’s backs. And let’s face it, the big chains can’t hold a candle to some of these darling tees and leggings. So, in no particular order, here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for the littles in your life:

1. Pow Wow Printsfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
2. Young Buckfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
3. Alexandra Rose Handmadefort-collins-family-photographer-mama-swag-monday-maddie-b-photography
4. Guguberrybrighton-family-photographer-maddie-b-photography
5. Tink & Keyfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
6. AIMBabyfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
7. The Printed Palettefort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
8. MaddandBugfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
9. Riley Clay Designsfort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photography
10. Stellar Sevenfort-collins-family-photography-maddie-b-photography