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Loveland Senior Photographer | Cory

When I first met Cory, I was struck by his manners. Right off the bat, he was saying, “yes, ma’am” & “no, ma’am” with a thick Louisiana drawl. On the spot, I decided that my children would be saying, “yes, ma’am” & “no, ma’am.” Southern manners will be the thing in our house. We happened to pick the cloudiest day in a sea of sunny days for Cory’s senior photos, but it didn’t matter. With his aunt & cousins in tow, we laughed more than we were serious. Cory showed up with half of his wardrobe, and lined them up on the baseball field’s fence. Along with multiple pairs of jeans, and switching between TOMS & Sperry’s, he looked more like a model than a senior. We spent some time on the pitcher’s mound at Resurrection Christian School, where Cory spends his spring seasons, and then headed out to Thompson River Ranch Park in Loveland. With a boisterous entourage in tow, it was one of the most giggly & fun senior sessions I have had to date. Thank you, Cory, for allowing me to be your senior photographer. It was a pleasure to work with you.

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Denver Senior Photographer | Austin

Part of the fun of seeing family on vacation is getting to be the one who photographs them for special occasions. Austin is one of my favorite family members in the world. He’s hilarious & sarcastic, & it works. Miss you, Austy Bear.

Northern Colorado Senior Photographer | Jordan

I first met Jordan less than a year ago. I was introduced to some cousins and relatives on my husband’s side from Indiana in June. I instantly fell in love with them. Soon after this trip, a trip was planned for my mother-in-law and I to go visit this family in Indiana. And we had a blast! We ate a ton of food, drank a ton of Diet Coke’s with marshmallow syrup, and we soaked every second of lovin’ we could from this family. We decided to find some beautiful, fall colors for Jordan’s senior photos one evening, and boy, did that fly over state deliver! The fall colors are unbelievable. Bright reds, deep purples, and burnt orange on every tree. It was perfection! Throw in this spunky girl with those killer eyes, and it was a great senior session! And not to mention, I fell deeply in love with this little spitfire while I was there. Love you, Jordy!

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