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Denver Newborn Photographer | Harper

One of the biggest compliments you can receive as a photographer is return customers. Just a few weeks before little Harper was born, I had the privilege of photographing a maternity session for her parents deep in a lush tree farm in Milliken, Colorado. After we finished up photographs of the happy, pregnant couple, her mom turned to me & asked me to do come to their home in Denver, and do a newborn lifestyle session for them. I was over the moon! Spending a couple hours with a sweet smelling newborn sounds like a lovely way to spend a morning. Sweet, baby Harper didn’t like the idea of being asleep for all the festivities, so she stayed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed during her entire newborn session. What a little doll she is!

Denver Birth Photography | Colton

The coolest thing I have ever done is photograph this birth. The birth of my own daughter will always rank #1, but the privilege and honor that accompanies being one of the first people to watch a baby take it’s first breath is beyond words. Birth photography has become such an amazing art, and so many new mamas are making the choice to hire a birth photographer to capture the moments that they are unable to capture themselves. And honestly, I’m addicted. I could do this kind of work everyday, and be one happy photographer. To be the one who actually photographs a baby being born is just incredible. When I got to McKee Hospital in Loveland, the plan was to take in-hospital newborn photos. Plans changed as I walked in the door, and Aubrey excitedly announces, “We’re getting you in the operating room to photograph the birth!” I was excited and petrified. Birth photography was a whole new world to me. I had never photographed a birth before, but I wanted to so badly and now was the time. After getting decked out in scrubs, I had a perfect spot in the delivery room. As soon as baby Colton emerged, tears began streaming down my face, as I watched this newborn take his first breath and then cry hysterically. It was awe-inspiring. I have chills just typing this. Thank you to John and Aubrey for giving me this opportunity to photograph such an intimate, personal moment. It was absolutely incredible!

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Denver Newborn Photographer | Ayla

Sweet, baby Ayla is not only one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, but she’s also one of the best babies I’ve ever met. I love the feeling of walking into a house with a newborn – it’s SILENT. Everyone is using hushed voices, and we are tiptoeing around to ensure that the baby stays asleep. Walking into Ayla’s house in Denver was no different. The sweet little newborn was wrapped up in baby blankets, quietly snuggled with her mama. The best photographs of little ones are when they are sleeping, and this little one delivered! She was konked out the entire session, sleeping soundly as we photographed the essence of her newbornness. 

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