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Mama Swag Tuesday | Jamberry + Giveaway

So, Mama Swag Monday is switching to Mama Swag Tuesday for the day. Life was a little insane yesterday, so I wasn’t able to get my act together & get my JAMICURE on. Oh, yeah, I said it.

I am the first to tell you that I had decided I wasn’t going to like Jamberry. I know plenty of reps, so I have plenty of access to them. I knew I could try them for free, but I wasn’t interested. My friend Ashley sends me a message a couple of weeks ago & asked if I would try them out. I told her, “sure.” << That was all the enthusiasm I could muster. She sends me a set for myself & for Maddie. Maddie was STOKED when I whipped out her tiny, little watermelon Jamberry nails, and, literally, asked me 15 times that day to put them on. She sat patiently & still on the floor in our bathroom, as we applied each nail. And I hate to admit it, but they are super cute & easy to apply. 



In between nursing twins, feeding the 4-year-old, taking photos, editing photos, cleaning-ish my house, and working on a giant presentation for Mama’s Gonna Snap, I stopped & did my nails. They were super easy to apply, and I could go right back to whatever I was doing…because, inevitably, one of the boys starts to cry AS SOON AS I do my nails. Only this time, it wasn’t a problem.


If you are interested, check Ashley’s stuff out here: You can also follow along on Facebook & Instagram! If you’re a Jamberry virgin, shoot Ash a message & she’ll send you a FREE set to try! Jamberry nails are BUY THREE GET ONE FREE!  a Rafflecopter giveaway