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Mama Swag Monday | Heart of Hazel

Happy Monday! Today’s swag is just for the Mamas! Turbans from Heart of Hazel! These soft, little head wraps are so versatile, comfortable & can make you look like you’re put together when there’s a good chance you didn’t get to wash your hair today. In addition, she has darling tees and the most amazing kimonos! Can’t wait to mine! Grab a tee & a turban for you & your little one!

Mama Swag Mondays are my favorite because, like most things, these shops & merchandise are born out of a need to create, & are often inspired by our kids. Heart of Hazel is no exception. Kim is a “mama, wife, DIY-addict, lover of iced coffee and the one-woman show behind Heart of Hazel. She creates apparel and accessories for stylish littles and their mamas, all inspired by her own little love, Hazel Mae.”  Kim’s new site launched on November 1st & she wants to give YOU a turban of your choice! To enter, hop on Instagram, follow @maddieb_photography & @heartofhazel for a chance to win. Winner will be announced tomorrow at 12pm MST.

Kim, I’m so glad I have gotten to know you these past few weeks. Your merch is killer and your heart is made of gold! Thank you for letting me brag on you today!



Mama Swag Tuesday | Jamberry + Giveaway

So, Mama Swag Monday is switching to Mama Swag Tuesday for the day. Life was a little insane yesterday, so I wasn’t able to get my act together & get my JAMICURE on. Oh, yeah, I said it.

I am the first to tell you that I had decided I wasn’t going to like Jamberry. I know plenty of reps, so I have plenty of access to them. I knew I could try them for free, but I wasn’t interested. My friend Ashley sends me a message a couple of weeks ago & asked if I would try them out. I told her, “sure.” << That was all the enthusiasm I could muster. She sends me a set for myself & for Maddie. Maddie was STOKED when I whipped out her tiny, little watermelon Jamberry nails, and, literally, asked me 15 times that day to put them on. She sat patiently & still on the floor in our bathroom, as we applied each nail. And I hate to admit it, but they are super cute & easy to apply. 



In between nursing twins, feeding the 4-year-old, taking photos, editing photos, cleaning-ish my house, and working on a giant presentation for Mama’s Gonna Snap, I stopped & did my nails. They were super easy to apply, and I could go right back to whatever I was doing…because, inevitably, one of the boys starts to cry AS SOON AS I do my nails. Only this time, it wasn’t a problem.


If you are interested, check Ashley’s stuff out here: You can also follow along on Facebook & Instagram! If you’re a Jamberry virgin, shoot Ash a message & she’ll send you a FREE set to try! Jamberry nails are BUY THREE GET ONE FREE!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Maddie B Photography Referral Program

I am so so excited to announce the new MBP Referral Program!! I am absolutely in love with these darling personalized iPhone cases, and I want you to have them too! What a special treat to showcase your beautiful family on the back of your phone. And who carries pictures in their wallets anymore? Answer: nobody. Now you can have your cute little monsters right on the back of your phone when you run into that girl you went to high school with. You can show her how much cuter your kids are than hers. BAM! Right there!

So, here’s how the referral program works: refer a NEW client to me. If they book, you win. If you are already an MBP client, you will receive your custom iPhone case & you can pick your favorite image from your favorite session I photographed for you. If you are not an MBP client, you will receive $25 off your FULL session (minis are excluded) you book. Once your images are edited & uploaded into your online gallery, you will choose your favorite photo & I will customize an iPhone cover for you. It’s that simple!

It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about your family photos! Have you booked yours yet? Fall sessions are getting booked up fast, and I just announced today that Christmas minis will be held on Sunday, November 10th. Book now! Tell your friends, & get your personalized iPhone case!