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Denver Birth Photography | Colton

The coolest thing I have ever done is photograph this birth. The birth of my own daughter will always rank #1, but the privilege and honor that accompanies being one of the first people to watch a baby take it’s first breath is beyond words. Birth photography has become such an amazing art, and so many new mamas are making the choice to hire a birth photographer to capture the moments that they are unable to capture themselves. And honestly, I’m addicted. I could do this kind of work everyday, and be one happy photographer. To be the one who actually photographs a baby being born is just incredible. When I got to McKee Hospital in Loveland, the plan was to take in-hospital newborn photos. Plans changed as I walked in the door, and Aubrey excitedly announces, “We’re getting you in the operating room to photograph the birth!” I was excited and petrified. Birth photography was a whole new world to me. I had never photographed a birth before, but I wanted to so badly and now was the time. After getting decked out in scrubs, I had a perfect spot in the delivery room. As soon as baby Colton emerged, tears began streaming down my face, as I watched this newborn take his first breath and then cry hysterically. It was awe-inspiring. I have chills just typing this. Thank you to John and Aubrey for giving me this opportunity to photograph such an intimate, personal moment. It was absolutely incredible!

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Denver Birth Photography