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Greeley Family Photographer | Shaw

As your family grows, new, updated photos are a must. I’m a big believer in getting everyone together once a year for family photos. Inevitably, someone will have a stain on their shirt, a scratch on their face, or someone will be in tears at some point. It’s all part of the fun. I met Hannah a couple of years ago at church when we each just had 1 little rugrat a piece. We would get together every week & do an intensive Bible study together while our kids ran around & made messes. We may not have learned much, but our kids had a blast tearing that room up. Just a couple years later, she now has Amy. And Amy is a sweet, smiley, happy baby girl. She was such a joy to photograph. Evan is all boy. Stomping in the mud, waving sticks in the air – he is a boy through & through. Our first scheduled session was rained out, but our second option wound up being a perfect, fall day. The trees were still boasting yellows and oranges, and the sun was shining beautifully. It was the perfect day for family photos! Thank you, Hannah, for asking me to capture your family at this exact moment. I hope you enjoy them all!

greeley-family-photography-0001 copy

greeley-family-photographer-0003 copy

greeley-childrens-photographer-0004 copy

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northern-colorado-family-photographer-0007 copy

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Loveland Family Photographer | Garcia

The Garcia family could all be models. So, when I got the call about photographing this family, I was elated. They are all gorgeous, dressed to the nines, AND they all had cowboy boots on! #swoon I cannot express my deep love for cowboy boots, especially in family photos. We opted for a fun spot in the middle of bustling Centerra, and got some big smiles & some big tears from the little guy. I first met Hannah about 6 years ago. We worked at a horrible salon in Fort Collins together. She did hair, I answered phones. She had just met Andrew when she started working there, so it’s always fun to see someone just a few years later and see how much their lives have changed. In just 6 short years, Hannah got married and has 3 gorgeous, darling kiddos! Did I mention that these 3 are some of the most well-behaved children on the planet? I was grilling Mama at the end for tips on how to have such obedient children! Hannah, thank you again for asking me to photograph your gorgeous family!

I recently added a shadow to my sessions. Brittany has been working hard & learning the photography ropes. Girlfriend even started out shooting in manual mode! A big shout out to Brittany for coming along & learning. You’re doing great – keep up the good work! 

loveland-family-photographer-0003 copy

loveland-family-photography-0004 copy

loveland-childrens-photography-0007 copy

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Greeley Family Photographer | Holland

We have a sweet spot here with about a 4 week opening for great fall family photos. We happen to hit a great day here with Hollands at Poudre River Ranch. This is a sweet little family who enjoys being together, and are pretty sharp dressers. If you are a teenager in the area or if you have a teenager, you should check out the Hollands’ youth group at Christ Community Church in East Greeley. I was honored to be asked to photograph their family of 4 for this holiday season. 

greeley-photographer-0001 copy

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greeley-family-photography-0007 copy

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