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Boulder Family Photographer | Turpin

Meet the Turpins. They are a super cool family who I have the privilege to spend time with every week. Our daughters are buddies, we are buddies, and when your buddy needs family photos, you jump at the chance. It always helps when they are all gorgeous.

This little one is about to turn 1 in just about a week. I had the privilege of knowing her while she was in her Mama’s tummy, and then was called to come spend the afternoon with them all after Baby Ayla was born and snap some photos of the 3 of them. I have watched her turn into a toddler over the last year. This is one of my favorite parts of my job. I get the privilege of capturing these kids, some from before they were even born, and then on as they grow. In 20 years, I may be photographing their weddings! What a trip!

After the massive flooding in Boulder County, we found an amazing abandoned tree farm to hike through, only to be forced out by nasty mosquitoes. We settled for this cute spot on Erie’s main street. The spot didn’t matter – they looked gorgeous either way. Enjoy the Turpins first official family photos with their little 1 year old beauty.

erie-family-photographer-0009 copy

erie-family-photography-0010 copy

boulder-family-photographer-0012 copy

boulder-family-photography-0014 copy

boulder-family-photographer-0038 copy

denver-family-photography-0020 copy

denver-family-photographer-0024 copy

boulder-childrens-photographer-0030 copy

boulder-childrens-photographer-0032 copy

boulder-family-photography-0035 copy

Loveland Senior Photographer | Cory

When I first met Cory, I was struck by his manners. Right off the bat, he was saying, “yes, ma’am” & “no, ma’am” with a thick Louisiana drawl. On the spot, I decided that my children would be saying, “yes, ma’am” & “no, ma’am.” Southern manners will be the thing in our house. We happened to pick the cloudiest day in a sea of sunny days for Cory’s senior photos, but it didn’t matter. With his aunt & cousins in tow, we laughed more than we were serious. Cory showed up with half of his wardrobe, and lined them up on the baseball field’s fence. Along with multiple pairs of jeans, and switching between TOMS & Sperry’s, he looked more like a model than a senior. We spent some time on the pitcher’s mound at Resurrection Christian School, where Cory spends his spring seasons, and then headed out to Thompson River Ranch Park in Loveland. With a boisterous entourage in tow, it was one of the most giggly & fun senior sessions I have had to date. Thank you, Cory, for allowing me to be your senior photographer. It was a pleasure to work with you.

loveland-senior-photography-0003 copy

loveland-senior-photographer-0005 copy

northern-colorado-senior-photography-0007 copy

northern-colorado-senior-photography-0014 copy

denver-senior-photography-0015 copy

denver-senior-photography-0018 copy

loveland-senior-photography-0025 copy

loveland-senior-photographer-0031 copy

denver-senior-photography-0041 copy

denver-senior-photographer-0044 copy

northern-colorado-senior-photography-0049 copy