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Friday Phone Dump | MBP

Friday Phone Dump is back! It’s been a while, but I finally sat down and went through all the images from this past week. All the fun things, the weird things, the cute things, the silly things. My little one is a constant crack-up. She brings so much sunshine to our lives, so her big ol’ round cheeks take up most of the images. You’ll notice that there is a burrito in the most dominate space – I meant it that way. I love that burrito as much as life. True story. This week was filled with food, shopping, friends, and fall clothes. It may be 97 degrees out, but I’m cleaning out the closets and making room for the new fall wardrobe. I’m ready for sweaters, tights, and bomber jackets. I have a lovely boot collection that is whispering my name each time I open the closet. I can’t wait! Can you tell I love fall? So, here ya go! Last week of August’s Friday Phone Dump!

Happy Friday, my friends! Enjoy the last few days of summer…fall is coming!

xoxo, a.

1. Maddie in Grammy’s wig. 2. Trying on the cutest little kitty ear muffs. 3. Maddie selfie. 4. Mad at me for playing the music too loud. 5. The Holy Grail.
6. This beanie reminds me of Home Alone (my favorite movie). 7. My two lovies. 8. Me & sweet Baby Ayla. 9. The new tricycle.


Maddie B Photography Referral Program

I am so so excited to announce the new MBP Referral Program!! I am absolutely in love with these darling personalized iPhone cases, and I want you to have them too! What a special treat to showcase your beautiful family on the back of your phone. And who carries pictures in their wallets anymore? Answer: nobody. Now you can have your cute little monsters right on the back of your phone when you run into that girl you went to high school with. You can show her how much cuter your kids are than hers. BAM! Right there!

So, here’s how the referral program works: refer a NEW client to me. If they book, you win. If you are already an MBP client, you will receive your custom iPhone case & you can pick your favorite image from your favorite session I photographed for you. If you are not an MBP client, you will receive $25 off your FULL session (minis are excluded) you book. Once your images are edited & uploaded into your online gallery, you will choose your favorite photo & I will customize an iPhone cover for you. It’s that simple!

It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about your family photos! Have you booked yours yet? Fall sessions are getting booked up fast, and I just announced today that Christmas minis will be held on Sunday, November 10th. Book now! Tell your friends, & get your personalized iPhone case!


Inspiration | Boho Shoot

Inspiration is so key when you work in a creative field. Inspiration drives ambition and passion and excellence. When you have a desire to do and be, a crucial puzzle piece is inspiration. I am guilty of not shooting for myself. I tend to get in a flow of working, shooting sessions as they come. It’s when I take an evening to shoot something that inspires me that I feel the creative juices flowing again.

In preparation for my promo video with Taryn Brooke, I asked my sister-in-law to be my model. I wanted Taryn to capture me doing what I love doing. (However, I did not realize how many ugly faces I make when I shoot – gotta work on that.) I looked through images that spoke to me, inspired me, and settled on a Boho theme. I love all things Boho. I love the lace, the rustic, the denim, the boots, the head wraps, the femininity. And lucky for me, I have a sister-in-law who is gorgeous and was a willing participant. What girl wouldn’t want to get dressed up & play model for an afternoon?! After climbing in between giant trees, stepping in the creek all the way up to my knee, and battling mozzies, we began shooting. My creative juices were flowing again, I was excited & bouncing around. I was re-inspired. It was just what I needed.