Monthly Archives: January 2013

Denver Family Photographer | Rosenbohm Family

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is children. They are so much fun! I love capturing their unique personalities at a specific moment in time. Add on to the fact that this is my niece and nephew, and I’m hooked! Having a photographer in the family is always great when it’s time for family Christmas photos. We packed up the kids and headed to The Poudre River Trail entrance in Greeley, Colorado, freezing the whole time, but we got some darling images for the family to take home. 

Denver Family Photographer | Horner Family

When I first met Zac and Chelsea, we were all youth leaders at Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, Colorado. We spent our days thinking up crazy games for high schoolers, planning summer camps, and being absolutely goofy to impress these teenagers. Flash forward 5 years, and we are all parents, watching these little monkeys grow up right before our eyes. I’m always honored when I get a call from Chelsea to photograph her children. They are BEAUTIFUL and so well-behaved. It is a pleasure every time I see them. 

To surprise their parents, we rounded up all the grandkids, headed to a park in Fort Collins, and got some cute cousin photos for Christmas. Every single one of these children is VERY well-behaved and darling. Always a joy when I get to spend time with such darling kiddos!

Denver Family Photographer | Mallon Family

Part of the fun of my trips to California to visit family is getting to photograph my family! I have lots of cousins who, now, have lots of kiddos, so it is always a treat to get to be the one to capture these little rugrats when I’m visiting. My cousin, Jonathan, and his wife, Nancy, live up in beautiful Temecula with their 4 cute, little ones. Here are some special images from their family session! (Can you believe it’s the end of November and the scenery is rich and green?!)