Friday Phone Dump

Friday Phone Dump is a round up of my week. Nothing too exciting; just what our crazy weeks look like with 3 kids & a dog.
fort-collins-photographer-maddie-b-photographyTeething Jett, Maddie’s naptime Santa hat, pissed off Jax, watching the Walking Dead at the dentist, passed out after Santa, dedicating the boys (what is with my face?!), mimosas in ornament balls, the dog, ER with flu & a sinus infection.


Welcome Packet Sale

As a photographer, there are so many things you need to get up & running effectively. One of those key ingredients is a welcome packet. For you, this is everyday, run-of-the-mill information, but to a new client, this whole process can be stressful and intimidating. You know exactly what your session is going to look like, but your clients may have no clue what to expect. Over the last couple of years, this welcome packet has changed and grown and become something that I look forward to sending to my clients. I have had many new families who have come to me and have never had a single family photo taken. For these people, this process is completely foreign. This packet goes out to every single client who books with me in order to help alleviate the stress and pressure of deciding on clothing, location, etc.

I start off with a page about me – who I am, why I do what I do. If you think I’m cool, we are a perfect match. Page 3 gives them an overview of the entire process. From communication prior to the session all the way to how their session will flow, I give them as much detail as possible so that they are completely comfortable with the process. What to wear. This is always a big one. I have so many clients say that they are completely clueless. I get it. It’s not easy to coordinate outfits for a family. This brief overview of patterns, colors, no-no’s, and suggestions helps to give them a clearer picture of how to start. I even have a page on my website giving even broader details just to help spark some inspiration when they begin to pull their wardrobe together. The last few pages are a complete breakdown of pricing, collections & an a la carte menu. This way, there is no confusion before we go into a session premiere, and they, usually, have already decided what they are going to choose. Throw in some chocolate, a touchy-feely Taylor Swift song, and they will give you all their money :)

As time-consuming as creating this packet was, it is one of the best things I have made for my clients. I want them to be completely at ease, and this will help with that. I know that Photoshop can be intimidating and a lot of work, but I have done the hard work for you. This packet is now a template that can be purchased for $99, and then, completely customized to fit your business, style and brand. Put this little packet on your Christmas list & you’ll be so glad you have this for future clients.

5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

With the invention of Pinterest, finding stocking stuffers for the women in your life has gotten a whole lot easier. If this list were for me, all 5 would be Starbucks. I would rather have Starbucks than eat food. True story. I digress. Since getting back into the swing things after taking a year off to have the twinkies, I jumped back in & even took on weekly vendors. This has been so much fun for me! I get the cutest swag for my kids and for myself, and then I get to brag about the cute stuff people make! If you need last minute gifts for stocking stuffer, I have you covered. I love love love my Mama swag and I know you’ll love yours too.

1. Mama’s Gonna Snap Workshop. Ok. This isn’t a stocking stuffer, BUT it’s a great idea for your wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, friends. These workshops are soooo much fun. You learn while having fun. And we give you amazing swag! We are currently enrolling for March & April!


2. Vine & Ever



3. Ezra & Eli



4. Young Living Essential Oils She will thank you when the kids are screaming like banshees & she has these two little bottles to restore quiet.



5. Family photos. If you haven’t read my reasons for having family photos taken every year, READ.IT. It’s important. If YOU set it up, ohmygosh! She will flip. It’s totally worth the time & investment to get this done. And major brownie points if YOU are the one initiating this.